Sonntag, 11. November 2007

db4o-netbeans updates

db4o-netbeans is available in 0.6.0 now.
Since my time is very limited, I moved in small steps with the plugin only. However, some things have been added, some things have been stabilized.

Documentation has been updated. Go to the db4o-netbeans home or download directly from here.
Well, as ever, any feedback is appreciated.

Soon, after finishing the most important basic features to the plugin, I will have a look on how to add support to the Visual Web Pack integrated into NetBeans. This will be good milestone for a tight integration of db4o database into NetBeans. If only time wouldn't be such a problem...


Reza Azizi hat gesagt…

Thank you so much for that.
we really need it in netbeans.

lamboap hat gesagt…

I hope this gets updated so that you can use any version of db4o


Chavez Clayton hat gesagt…

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